How to Contribute

The AMEDD Museum Foundation continues the work it began in 1989 through your generous contributions. While the Museum receives some support from the Department of the Army and the Joint Base San Antonio Command, these funds go toward a standard level of sustainment only. This funding does not allow for new initiatives such as acquiring artifacts, upgrading exhibits or expanding the facilities.

Your donations are a great way to assist in preserving Army Medicine’s history and teaching its traditions and missions to future generations of Army Medical Department personnel, DOD civilians, the San Antonio Community, and visitors from around the world.

Donations may be made in-person at the Foundation Office located in the Museum, by credit card on-line at the Foundation’s Gift Shop webpage, or by mail.

Click here to download the mail donation form.

Two Special programs allow you to tailor your contributions:

1. Annual Sustaining Foundation Contributor (ASFC) – In December 2002, the Foundations Board of Directors approved expanding the current ASFC program in order to create a broad base of loyal contributing participants. The previous program was a single contributor level of $100.00. The expanded program creates a tiered approach for individuals that readily accommodate the E-1 through O-3 and corresponding DAC level.
2. The “Brick Program” permits you to support the Army Medical Department Museum Foundation by purchasing individual bricks.
Bricks are placed in the Museum’s beautiful Memorial Courtyard, a place where footsteps of the future pass over the dedicated memories of the
past. Each brick is limited to two lines, twelve letters or spaces per line.

Each brick can be purchased for $50.00 each and inscribed with:
1. Your name, family members, and friends, or
2. AMEDD Units (may include current units or units no longer in existence)
Brick purchases are accepted at the AMEDD Museum Gift Shop Web Site.

Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible as allowed by law and IRS regulations.

In addition to monetary gifts, we welcome the donation of your time and talents – see our volunteer page for more opportunities to assist our mission.

Additionally, if you have medical artifacts that you believe may be of special interest to the Museum, please contact the Museum Office at 210-221-6358.