With the Museum expansion plan on its way to the Secretary of the Air  Force for approval, meeting the next goals for the Capital Campaign  becomes more important than ever. With that in mind, the Foundation  recently hired a new Development Manager to kick our fundraising work to  the next level.  

Courtney Knapp brings a strong background in education, museum work,  and non-profit volunteer experience. With a Master’s degree in the History  of Decorative Arts, she has worked in various museums developing and  leading tours and teaching classes, as well as conducting research and  conservation work on their collections. As a Red Cross volunteer  overseas, she helped develop programs to take best advantage of  available grant program funds.  

She hails originally from Oklahoma but spent a lot of her younger years  traveling for her dad’s job, finally ending up for high school and college in  South Carolina. Courtney arrived in San Antonio with her military spouse  who is currently assigned to the AMEDD Center of Excellence. Looking to  offer her talents and time, she volunteered with the Museum. Impressed  with her skills and positive approach, Museum Director George Wunderlich  recommended her to the Foundation as a possible addition to our staff.  

Courtney’s new duties will include grant writing, fundraising to include the  memorial brick program, and public relations and marketing geared toward  raising awareness of the Museum to the community. Courtney says she is  happy to be able to help the Foundation and the Museum grow to support  both the military and the broader public community. We welcome  Courtney to the Foundation team!