civil-war-mulecivil-war-hospital-bedsdave-windsor civil-war-med-equip

As part of the 2016 Best Medic Competition’s culminating events on Friday, 28 October, local volunteers brought medical history to life on the Museum grounds.  Best Medic attendees and Museum visitors were delighted to interact with Civil War corpsmen and surgeons, a WWI nurse, and a WWII medic.  A Civil War era hospital with tents, cots, equipment and even three Army mules were present and ready for action.  Visitors also enjoyed looking over a WWI era ambulance from the Museum’s collection.  The Museum has an active volunteer cadre who enjoy recreating medical history and the men and women who made that history.  Their efforts not only teach but inspire!

anne-marie-berglund-as-wwi-nurse col-s-with-wwi-ambulance joe-osborn-as-wwii-medic